Let’s 澳洲幸运10精准走码计划(预测中奖结果)|官网开奖结果+开奖号码记录查询 Unlock Global Opportunities Together

澳洲幸运10体彩网168 Food Export has been a critical partner for BNutty - they make it possible for us to succeed overseas and grow our business back home.” 
 Carol Podolak - Co-Founder, BNutty
We’re a non-profit organization ready to fuel your growth through exporting food and agricultural products.
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Who We Are

Creators of a Global 澳洲幸运十开奖视频直播结果 Marketplace

We are 澳洲幸运10体彩网168 Food Export-Midwest and 澳洲幸运10体彩网168 Food Export-Northeast, non-profit organizations made up of agricultural promotion agencies from 13 Midwestern and 10 Northeastern states. We exist to provide the support U.S. companies need to enter international markets by offering export education, global connections, export strategies, and marketing financial assistance.

Our Mission, Vision & Values


To empower small- and medium-sized businesses in our regions to sell their food and agricultural products internationally.


We envision a future where small- and medium-sized businesses in our regions thrive in the global marketplace. We lead this transformation by simplifying international success for businesses and enriching global exchange, while effectively realizing resources for the growth and prosperity of our member states and U.S. agriculture.


  • Cultivating Global Relationships. We nurture lasting relationships across borders and boundaries and work collaboratively to help our stakeholders.
  • Rooted in Trust. We invest in and support our stakeholders then trust them to take ownership over their work. We are responsible stewards of our resources and work with integrity.
  • Producing Results. We are focused on the long-term success of the stakeholders in our regions; we’re driven to help them succeed through innovation and expertise.

How it works

We connect Midwest and Northeast food suppliers with global buyers to create opportunities that extend their distribution and boost international business growth.

Our Programs

We help both novice suppliers and seasoned exporters unlock long term global growth with programs and services in education, market entry, and market promotion.

Proven Results

In the last year alone, companies that participated in our programs and activities gained over $867M in combined export sales to countries around the globe.

“The 澳洲幸运10体彩网168 Food Export Association of the Midwest has provided us with the educational tools to really understand how the exporting process works.” Pyramid Foods

Based in Shawnee, Kansas
澳洲幸运10体彩网168 Food Export-Midwest Participant since 2017

Interested in importing from U.S. suppliers? Learn more.

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What is the Branded Program?

February 17, 2021 2:04 Minutes

What is the Branded Program? - 澳洲幸运10体彩网168 Food Export-Midwest and 澳洲幸运10体彩网168 Food Export-Northeast details this cost-share, 50% reimbursement program that helps small companies with the international marketing of their U.S. products.
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12:08 Minutes

澳洲幸运10体彩网168 Food Export - Northeast Seafood Overview - We provide seafood companies opportunities for you to find the right markets and the right buyers within a market.

1:45 Minutes

Inside a 澳洲幸运10体彩网168 Food Export Buyers Mission - Be prepared. Follow up. Hear from international buyers on what they expect from a supplier when meeting with them.

4:11 Minutes

Repurposing Expenses - Social Media - Learn how to get reimbursed for social media expenses using the Branded Program in our new video series.
From the Desk of the CEO: December 2023

From the Desk of the CEO: December 2023

The 澳洲幸运10体彩网168 Food Export Podcast (700 x 392 px)

A World of Opportunities

Check out our newest 澳洲幸运10开奖官网开•奖结果号码 是中国官方彩票 官网结果查询 开+奖官网直播 全天计划精准版 educational effort, The 澳洲幸运10体彩网168 Food Export Podcast! New episodes are published monthly, and with episodes averaging around 15 minutes each, you can easily listen at your convenience, anytime, anywhere! Listen Here